PILOTS: Must possess and carry with them their own

  • Airman's certificate, Sport Pilot or higher.

  • Student Pilot certificate holders must be accompanied by an appropriately-rated CFI, and the CFI
    will be the Pilot in Command.  

  • Recreational Pilot certificate holders must be accompanied by a CFI or a Private Pilot or higher,
    who will function as Pilot in Command.

  • Sport Pilot certificate holders must have any required endorsements for the airspace to be used,
    typically Class D, and the aircraft flown.

  • Current FAA Medical Certificate, as required by the FARs, for the type of license held by the Pilot
    in Command.  No pilot or medical certificate is required for co-pilots and passengers.

Note: Pilots are responsible for operating within the limitations of their type of pilot license and aircraft
limitations in accordance with all applicable FARs.

The Rally is open to pilots (with at least a Sport Pilot license) of single and or multi-engine piston aircraft
with a minimum range of 400 miles.  Student pilots may participate as pilots if they are accompanied by
an appropriately rated CFI, otherwise there are no restrictions placed on students.  Copilots/navigators
need not be licensed, nor even a pilot, to participate.
Fee Schedule

Crew (Pilot and Copilot):        $300

Passengers:                           $125 each (includes all benefits of pilot entry fee, except for prizes & awards)

T-shirt:                                    $15 each (optional)

Polo Shirt:                               $25 each (optional)

Payments may be made online using the secure PayPal system with either a PayPal account, or a credit
card via the web site (MichiganAirRally.org). You may also send your check via mail with the completed
entry forms. Regardless of payment method, the entry forms MUST be submitted to the committee!

Fees do not include any hotels or other personal expenses. The Committee cannot arrange for hotel rooms
directly, but we have contracted arrangements with
Holiday Inn® Muskegon-Harbor. Please refer to
Lodging Information page.
Print the form, fill it out and send it in with your entry fee, or use the online payment page to send your
payment via PayPal. If you pay your entry fees online using PayPal, you MUST still mail in your completed
entry form. Or, to request an entry kit by snail mail, please email us at Info@miairrally.org.

Go to payment page to make your online payment...
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